About us

We opened in 2016 at the beginning of Pozsonyi út, and our mission has not changed to this day: we dreamed of a homely, light-hearted, friendly place where we want to pamper you with quality gastronomy, first-class coffee and creative, new-generation cocktails and gin and tonics.

In recent years, Babka has become one of the favorite places of Újlipótváros, an institution that almost everyone knows in the district – and we are very proud of that!

At Babka, we welcome you every day of the week with our iconic Middle Eastern flavors, hot and cold mezze, shakshuka, babka, a seasonally updated menu and favourites such as crispy fried chicken or salmon sabich. You can also come for lunch from Tuesday to Sunday, and in the evenings we await you with the genuine Babka atmosphere: bustle, music, cocktails and wonderful aromas!

In 1971, when Sándor Bauer took this photo, Babka’s building housed the cult Szamovár presso. In the group called “Angyalföld old pictures”, the group members collected many interesting facts about the history of the house and fond memories of the former owners and residents. Thank you very much, we were very pleased with him! We hope to carry on the spirit of the place with similar love and dignity.

Babka Deli: The sister restaurant Of Babka Budapest

In Babka Deli, in addition to iconic Middle Eastern inspiration, we also go back to the heritage and spirit of the delis of New York, so we offer you really exciting dishes every day of the week!

From morning to evening, we await you with breakfast and brunch dishes, specialty coffee, cakes, special non-alcoholic drinks, and dishes perfect for lunch and dinner. If you don’t have time to eat with here, take our barhes sandwiches and easily packable dishes with you, or make meals at home even better with our creams, mezze, and other specialties. You will find fresh bakery goods, bottled drinks and a variety of deli products from our producers, and you can even pick up a new cookbook with you.